About Us

With a commitment to building one-of-a-kind homes designed with luxury, comfort and quality in mind, New Image Homes invites you to discover the Art of Construction, a collection of innovative building methods to ensure a better and more luxurious living experience for every homeowner .
At New Image, we build homes that not only reflect your style, but are also personalized to fit your life. From distinctive designs and innovative floor plans to exquisite, authentic architectural details, each New Image home is the perfect blend of superior craftsmanship and luxurious livability. Discover the New Image difference today.

Here are the ways New image Homes reduces environmental impact and energy consumption through energy and resource efficiency, enhanced water conservation, durability and moisture management and better air quality.

For energy and resource efficiency:

  •  Low-E double paned windows, which reduce outdoor noise and help control the outside temperature inside of your home

  •  Engineered foundation and frame to optimize material usage

  •  14SEER performance HVAC system designed to fit your particular home

  • Programmable thermostat to control the temperature and comfort of your home more efficiently

  •  Energy-efficient gas cooking appliances and gas water heater

  • LED lighting, which reduces energy costs

For enhanced water conservation:

  •  Water-conserving shower heads, faucets and ENERGY STAR® dishwasher

  •  Drought tolerant landscaping and indigenous plants to enhance longevity and reduce maintenance

  •  Tankless water heaters

For durability and moisture management:

  •  Tightly sealed homes to protect and minimize maintenance associated with severe weather conditions and humidity

  •  Thermal Envelope, which is an inspection of 35 areas in the home to ensure no leaks before the home is sheetrocked

  •  Insulation and air sealant are properly installed to prevent air leakage for more efficient air conditioning

  •  Covered exterior doors to reduce exposure to sun, rain and other elements

  •  Duct systems designed per Air Conditioning Contractors of America and tested for leakage on every home

  •  Proper flashing installed at all areas of the home

  •  Radiant barrier roof decking reduces heat absorption and improves HVAC efficiency

  •  Drywall corners reduce settlement cracks

  •  California corners allow insulation at interior corners

For better air quality:

  •  Proper ventilation optimizes clean indoor air for you to breathe and reduces moisture and humidity within the home

  •  Increased comfort with even temperatures and airflow

  •  Kitchen and bath ventilation are run to the outside

These building methods and environmentally-friendly products and procedures showcase New Image Homes’ commitment to helping provide not only a safe and healthy environment, but the ideal living experience for its homebuyers.